Social media business success, it’s time to halt carpet bomb marketing.

Social Media is redefining our approach to how we connect and consume information. Organisations are grappling with the impact of social media transforming how they communicate internally with their colleagues and externally with their customers. It is an ongoing, rapid and dynamic shift.

Some industries have been quick to realise the impact and opportunity which social media presents. A review of online social media literature highlights that social network marketers are savvy in the space and for good reason. They see social media marketing’s creative potential.

However, an unfortunate side effect is the strategy of Carpet Bomb Marketing.

Carpet Bomb Marketing is marketing to the point of saturation. Where the viewer determines saturation.

It is characterised as a 24/7 social media marketing strategy, which consists of automated messaging from an individual and/or organisation, which is repeatedly published across a variety of social media channels to maximise audience reach. It is not bound by time or an event. Audience reach and sales are the priority, which are placed well beyond the connection of the heart and mind!

Carpet Bomb Marketing, creates online noise akin to email spam without the filter and induces a feeling of confusion and mental shut down by the consumer leading them to ‘unlike’, ‘unfollow’ or ‘unsubscribe’. It is not about engagement.

At the core of social media business success and the social marketing of your brand is building a community. A community of long term advocates whose values and beliefs align with the organisation and the product/service they deliver. In place should be a long-term social media strategy where ‘likes’, ‘follows’ and ‘subcribers’ should not be bought, but built one by one. It is a slow burn.

Carpet Bomb Marketing is a highly tempting short-term strategy, a grab for cash from a one-time customer. It is a digital marketing strategy that a discerning online community will eventually shun.

Resist the Carpet Bomb Strategy as an approach to social media marketing and focus on:

  1. Identifying and understanding your audience segments and what they want.
  2. Designing and implementing a content creation plan that reflects your industry, audience segments and is not reliant on ‘spinning’ old content.
  3. Curating high quality content of others to share. Contextualise and add value to that content.
  4. Less is more. Saying nothing creates space for reflection, thought and engagement. More posts do not necessarily equal greater engagement.
  5. Replicating positive face-to-face experiences through the production of high quality content.
  6. Resisting a narrow focus on the ROI of social media. Social media as part of the marketing mix is here to stay and the ROI will gain greater clarity with the evolution of the social media landscape.
  7. Reviewing the above regularly.

Author, Jay Baer sums up the future of social media marketing beyond the Carpet Bomb approach.

‘I’d like to suggest that instead of using social media to blast your message at your customers, that you become a Youtility instead. A Youtility is being truly useful to your customer which will create a customer for life instead of a one-time sale’.

This should be the goal.

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