Schools can successfully embrace social media

Social Remediation distils Peter’s five years of working with over 250 schools in Australia and internationally, as well as with Cyber Safe Kids, and non profits, to roll out best practice social media programs for schools and their students.

“The stories we hear about schools and social media tend to focus on the negatives like cyberbullying, sexting and naked selfies – so it’s not surprising that the gut response of many schools and parents is to try and ban social media use”.

What they say – A fresh view of school social media

Peter’s book will make a significant contribution to the discourse and practice in school communities about the use of social media to engage with and strengthen the relationships of the key stakeholders. It takes a different and unique view about how social media should and should not be used in schools of any size and will help them develop their community engagement strategy.

Robyn Treyvaud – Cyber Safe Kids

It has given me immediate feedback…as a leader I can see our school is having an impact. We are learning it, people are seeing it, people are liking it. So it gives you a positive driver to keep doing it and doing it better.

Melissa Proctor Principal –  Bass Hill Public School

Peter Sutton and Andrew Hughes pull no punches in their insightful commentary on the use of social media in schools. Their true-to-life examples highlight the imperative for school leaders and their communities to work with, and not against the powerful tools at their disposal. Understanding how to do it is key. Peter and Andrew provide practical advice and strategies to support schools in maximising the positive and combating the negative potential of social media.

Pam Ryan – Education & Leadership Consultant

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Andrew Hughes (1971 – 2016) Author, Journalist, Political Adviser

A book should only have one dedication. In keeping with Andrew’s way, Social Remediation has two! Sadly, we lost Andrew and his rare talents on the day of publishing our first copies. To Andrew Hughes (Walters), you have lived what you said. Our loss is incomprehensible, yet our learning is infinite. For all that you have given us, thank you our friend. We will continue to ‘buy the ticket and take the ride’ of life.

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