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Studies in how social media communications impacts human groups and the everyday world of social interaction – Professor Peter Sutton [ writer, author, public speaker, educator and social media consultant]

Positive role models are the counterpoint to social media risk.

Australia has seen enough social media crises in the last month to ensure even the fiercest advocate question their move into the social landscape. There are a myriad of case studies to review regarding the impact of social media. Each highlights the complexities, pros and cons of adopting an online presence. Target, Coles, Channel 7,…

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Empowering your social media cross pollinator

When considering the adoption of social media in your organisation the new protégé is your junior or graduate employee and not the fifty something leader. In 2009 Tom Kelley lead a presentation at the Apple Education Leadership Summit in Hong Kong. He is the co-founder of IDEO a global design consultancy company. His presentation focus…

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The importance of being earnest – social media legitimacy

Mark my words, 2012 will be the year of Social Media legitimacy. What do I mean by that? It’s about the gap between the Real and the Hype. More and more you will start seeing examples of people favouring genuine – even home-grown – campaigns over the agency-produced spin. The success of these campaigns –…

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