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Join Professor Peter Sutton as he discusses real life social media cases, issues, social media strategies and solutions.

Teen love online gone wrong!

Teen love, life and social media are inextricable. It is a difficult conversation to be part of, listening to the distress of a parent genuinely at a loss on how to support their teenage daughter. The parent explains the budding face-to-face relationship between his daughter Diane and Jack has gone online and gone wrong. This time through…

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The social media crisis – ‘planning beats banning’ every time!

Police partially block the busy morning traffic as parents hurriedly drop their children at the school gates. Cars slow and adult curiosity spikes as the lights alternately flash on top of the police vehicles. People move with greater urgency than normal. Police officers move to ensure the safety of all. It is a scene that…

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School social media success – it’s in your team

Shop floor shoes jive, as a tennis ball is struck back and forth over the border of a handball court. Teachers scurry with books, papers and smoking cups in hand. The cadence of each stride resonates with the impending start of morning classes. Teachers quip and affirm their daily organisation on the run. The new…

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Social media: parent salvation and the blues

On a Monday night, a 200 strong crowd enthusiastically seated themselves at a school in the New South Wales City of Bathurst. The panel of social researcher, Hugh Mackay, comedian Tim Ferguson, children’s author Mini Goss and poet Stephen Herrick were the key attractions. The crowd physically seating themselves in the room, teens to the…

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Social media business success, it’s time to halt carpet bomb marketing.

Social Media is redefining our approach to how we connect and consume information. Organisations are grappling with the impact of social media transforming how they communicate internally with their colleagues and externally with their customers. It is an ongoing, rapid and dynamic shift. Some industries have been quick to realise the impact and opportunity which social…

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Educators and the negative impact of social media on students and school culture.

When educators deal with the negative impact of social media on the well being of students, it is going to be counterintuitive for a school leader to adopt the use of one or more social channels. In 2011 the Principal of the Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School (Tweed Heads New South Wales) made metropolitan headlines with…

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Social Media positively engages school communities.

In April 2011 the Canobolas Rural Technology High School began to consider the impact of social media on their organisation. Like many high schools they were concerned about the welfare of their students and their use of social channels. Amid a variety of national and local news stories about inappropriate student conduct, the school leaders…

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Facebook four clicks to a corporate crisis

Social media channels blur the professional and personal life of an individual and the organisations with which they engage. Open Facebook settings on a Personal Profile have brought a New Zealand Assistant Principal into conflict with the roles, responsibilities and professional expectations of her school. In the social landscape this is an occurrence that is…

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